SAT feature request: Power on if PSU provides power



  • Paul Jackson

    Mine seems to have the opposite problem. They never turn off.

    The lights are always on and the sub gets hot.

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  • Ico

    At the moment, when I plug in a sat, it powers on. It’s good and it’s bad as I may like to charge a sat not having it on and viceversa. Even turning the sat off after plugging it is not workin as it’s automatically turned on again.
    Basically there’s no way of turning it off while in charging mode.

    Would be useful to have this feature while displaying the charging level with the led color code.


    1. sat OFF
    2. plug in
    3. auto sat ON
    4. Manually power OFF
    5. sat stays OFF and displays charging level trough LED
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  • Jeroen van Jaarsveld

    Or 4. Automatically power off when no music played for X minutes / no contact made with SUB.

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  • Ico


    Anyway I still have some doubts about procedures.

    if I want to listen to some music do I have to manually turn all sats (5!) on?
    Same when I’m done listening switching off?

    If I leave them on and they go in sleep mode batteries will go down, slowly but they will.

    And what about charging all of them? Do I have to use all five chargers together?

    That was already a question I emailed when Kien team decided to remove the wireless charging feature but the answer I was given was puzzling.

    I’d like to keep all five sats beside the sub and pull them out on a need to use basis without the extreme clutter five charger would undoubtedly give.



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