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  • Marco Lavecchia

    Did you use iOS or Android device? My Android smartphone is not able to find the sub yet and I don't know if the update of this week was the one which should have solved the problem.

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  • Florus Plaizier

    Android. Connected the sub with network via ethernet cable. Also I assigned it a fixed IP. Updating the Sub then was easy. To update SATs quite a extensive procedure was needed, started update of all individual SATs via Bluetooth, upon restart during update connection with phone was lost. I then linked sat to sub, restored factory settings, and then finished update via Sub.

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  • Jorn Ouborg

    Hi Florus, 

    Thanks for the feedback! Good to hear you're seeing (and hearing) our progress come to fruition!

    Amongst other things, we are currently working on a bug that causes instability when you pair more than 3 SATs with your SUB. It sounds like you're having this issue since you've probably paired all of your 5 SATs with your SUB. Could you please switch off 2 of the SATs, see if that changes anything and report back to me? We're hoping to release a next firmware update with a fix for this problem soon. 

    And yes, we will activate the functionality of the inputs through a firmware update within the next 6 weeks. 

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