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    Florent Gatin

    Hi Joep,

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    You're right, Kleernet has a low latency that's in theory not noticeable but we also experience this small delay between two SATs. Our developers are currently working on getting rid of this delay and a fix will be included in the next SAT firmware update. 

    I believe that the speakers that you received had a pretty outdated firmware which didn't support SAT to SAT pairs, so it's a good thing that you updated them. How has your experience been since the update?

    Regarding the mini-jack, we decided to only have analog inputs in the SUB since in our experience the majority of people use the SUB at home. Outside you can create pairs with the SATs and in the vast majority of cases people use Bluetooth.  

    What you could do if you're not willing to invest in a SUB is buy a Bluetooth transmitter. They cost about €35 and would allow you to connect the Traktor DJ controller to your SATs via Bluetooth.

    We will however take your feedback into consideration when we develop new products in the future. Thanks again for your feedback!


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